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Mastertel reaches Frankfurt


Mastertel, the Telecommunications operator in Moscow and St. Petersburg, has announced its connection to the international traffic exchange point DE-CIX in Frankfurt am Main (Germany).

As a result of its Ďaccessioní to DE-CIX, Mastertelís Internet traffic routes in the international segment will be optimized, which will improve the quality of IP-traffic and will guarantee high-speed and redundant access to popular foreign Internet resources.

Mastertel has its own unique telecommunications network called ĎMaster-Connectí, based in Moscow and Moscow region, which is over 8,000 km long. All major data centers and traffic exchange points in Moscow (MMTS-9, MMTS-10, 8 Marta Street, house 10/12, 3 Proyezd Maryinoy Roschi house 40 and many others) as well as more than 2,000 office buildings are connected to the network. The network can thus be used to solve problems across the Capital (city surveillance, telemetry, etc.). More than 150 Moscow communications providers use this network to bring their own telecommunications services to the market.

DE-CIX (Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange) was established in 1995 along with the AMS-IX and LINX and is among the worldís top three IXP points. The total bandwidth of the channels used for public direct traffic exchange at DE-CIX exceeds 1.5 Tb/s during peak loads. In early 2010, across its six sites, DE-CIX served over 500 telecom operators and content providers from more than 40 countries. The total volume of information transmitted through DE-CIX was over 500 Gb/s.

"Cooperation with DE-CIX is part of Mastertel and Master-Connectís network development strategy. Presence at international traffic exchange points strengthens our status and gives us the opportunity to provide customers with the highest quality services," says Sergey Fomichev, Director of Mastertelís Business Development.

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