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Mastertel whets its appetite


The American Diner SB Restaurant, located in the Vesna Shopping Center, has joined the long list of customers of Mastertel, the leading telecom operator in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

To provide customers with connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi and enable them to carry out credit card payments, Mastertel provided the restaurant with high speed Internet access, as well as interactive TV (essential while waiting for your order!).

Among other things, the restaurant obtained a premium BiTell phone number, i.e. +7 (495/499) 825-8888. BiTell is a service which offers premium class telephone numbers for businesses. Tens of thousands of unique telephone numbers (some of which are exclusive) are used to advertise on TV and radio, for outdoor advertising and advertising on the Internet.  They aim to solve the most difficult of marketing tasks. Phone numbers operating in two city codes at the same time (495 and 499) eliminates the possibility of identical numbers from a competitor and keeps all client calls. An easy-to-remember combination of numbers may be quickly memorized by potential customers. According to market research, a number that is easily recognizable receives 30% more calls than a regular number.

"We used Mastertel Services as soon as we started our business. The main task for us was to draw potential customers as close to us as possible. The potential customer should encounter no obstacles in their communication with us. We see Mastertel as a strong and reliable partner, whose resource abilities fully meet our objectives," said Nadezhda Korochantseva, Manager of the American Diner SB Restaurant.

American Diner SB is an American Diner with nostaligic 1950's styling. The Restaurant's interior combines classic furniture (typical for Diner style restaurants) with designer comic-style-interior (pop-art) allowing you to create not only a unique image, but also a unique atmosphere.

American Diner SB is a new project for Moscow and we hope the restaurant takes a worthy place in the market, - says Vitali Ezopov, Executive Director Mastertel. "We, in turn, will do everything possible to supply our partner with telecommunications services of the highest quality and reliability."

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