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Mastertel, 3Data and Vocord launch fundamentally new solution for cloud video surveillance


The Company Mastertel, one of the leading telecommunications providers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Company Vocord, one of the leading designers and manufacturers of intelligent video surveillance and audio systems and the rapidly growing network of 3Data data centers have teamed up to bring a new video surveillance cloud solution to the market. The product was launched onto the market under the RealTrack Interactive brand and will be promoted in the same manner as VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) and will provide unique surveillance services.

The platform for RealTrack Interactive solutions will be a new version of the video surveillance and video analytics system VOCORD Tahion, the market release of which was announced recently. The updated version of VOCORD Tahion has modernized architecture, has significantly improved performance and has newly added functional features, all designed with consideration for its application in cloud video surveillance systems.

Based on the needs of the market and the new abilities of VOCORD Tahion in meeting  these needs, Mastertel, Vocord and 3Data agreed on strategic cooperation in the cloud direction. This collaboration will combine the strengths of the three companies in the field of security, telecommunications and cloud computing to create new high quality solutions and services based on advanced technologies.

The new RealTrack product not only allows surveillance and access to the video archive by clients but, uniquely, also allows the use of various intelligent video detectors, not only the well-known ones (e.g. motion type) but also unique-to-the-market 'object classifiers' (group identification and face recognition systems).

As a result, RealTrack service clients will be able to solve not only the tasks associated with the security functions of CCTV systems, but also to solve marketing problems, such as improving customer service, identifying repeat visitors, the total number of visitors, visitor traffic analysis, etc.

The target audiences for the new service are not only entertainment facilities, business centers, sports complexes and other places of mass attendance, but also retail facilities - whether a supermarket, clothes shop or dealership. These are the first who are 'ready' to utilize 'cloud' video surveillance, as it is much easier and cheaper to hire another service from the telecommunications service provider than to implement your own surveillance system with complex analytical functions.

In collaboration with Mastertel and 3Data we present this market surveillance breakthrough product that will provide our customers with an unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of innovations in the field of video surveillance - machine vision technology and facial recognition, - said Timur Vekilov, Executive Director of Vocord Telecom. We are confident that our new three-company-strong approach to services will give our customers the opportunity to experience the benefits of future technologies - intelligent video surveillance, high-speed data networks and cloud computing technologies, gaining real benefits from their use.

Together with Vocord and 3Data we have implemented an intelligent video surveillance system, the main advantage of which is lower capital cost to the customer as well as lower operational costs and project lead times. Modern business realities show that providers of telecommunications systems and security systems will hardly ever receive a return on investment if they aim to sell each of their products individually, rather than jointly" said Vitaly Ezopov, Executive Director of Mastertel. The joint development by Mastertel, Vocord and 3Data will allow us to keep up with the times and offer customers personalized features that will solve various business problems.

Telecommunications channels will be provided by Mastertel while 3Data will provide data centers and computing infrastructure.

Intelligent video surveillance up to now has been a complex and expensive technology affordable mainly by large companies. Thanks to the Master-Connect advanced fiber infrastructure, an opportunity arose to install less costly solutions directly at the client's base and transmit video-signals into our data centers for further analysis and central processing. Our task is to make the service simple and convenient, available to the largest amount of users. Every business, shopping, sports and cultural center, every shop and office should be able to automatically recognize visitors for security purposes and marketing analysis" said Ilya Hala, Executive Director of 3Data.

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