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Leading telecommunications operator and largest radio holding expand joint venture


Mastertel, Service Provider of Moscow and St. Petersburg and Krotoy Media, one of Russias leading radio holdings, have combined to create Love Radio, Radio Dacha and Taxi FM. They have just announced the latest stage of their strategic cooperation.

Providing telephony to the largest radio holding is the next stage of cooperation between the two companies. Mastertel has long been a key supplier of telecommunications services to Krutoy Media. At the early project stages, communications channels and high-speed Internet access were provided to the customer. Assessing the effectiveness of recent successful joint ventures, the Company has decided to continue their partnership with Mastertel.
The next phase of cooperation comprised Krutoy Medias acquisition of a pool of telephone numbers, designed for its business units and for the radio station holding generally.

Commenting on the project, the Executive Director of Mastertel, said: Customers at this level are among the most demanding because quality communications is vital for a successful business. Our Company has all the technical capabilities to help ensure the proper functioning of any radio station with any format. We appreciate the long-term cooperation with this leading radio holding and, incidentally, our largest partner. I can say with confidence that our cooperation will continue into the future!"

"FM-radio involves the transmission of sound and information on a long distance scale. Therefore there are always special demands made of the service provider, for example: minimum transmission loss of synchronous data, prompt troubleshooting, reliability, etc. Mastertel copes with these tasks very well and, in many cases, surpasses the quality of service of other market leaders. The positive experience gained while working together for several years with Mastertel has given us the confidence to continue this fruitful cooperation, said Dmitry Lisowski, Technical Director of Krutoy Media.

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