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IT and Telecom in tendem


Mastertel has added Nikfort to the long list of companies for whom the IT market leader provides services. In this instance, Mastertel has implemented projects for the maintenance of Nikforts Microsoft Dynamics CRM software.

The telecom operator quickly provided this customer with reliable and high-speed Internet access as well as a premium phone number with a catchy combination of digits (BiTell). Modern telecommunications, provided by Mastertel will enable Nikfort to organize its high-quality and uninterrupted communications between them and their partners and customers.

"The agreement with a partner of Mastertels status represents not only an opportunity to establish itself as a strong and successful player in the telecommunications market, but also allows Nikfort to demonstrate their technical competence, equipment and, of course, their high level of service. We hope that the services offered will contribute to the successful implementation of all of Nikforts projects, said Alexander Kutkov, a leading expert on work with clients of Mastertel.

"In our choice of telecom partner, we were guided by a variety of criteria: the availability of their own network, their reputation, etc., said Nicholas Samillo, Nikforts CEO. Efficiency and high quality, he continued, are Mastertels main competitive advantages that allow it to occupy a leading position in the telecom market in metropolitan areas. We believe that the existing cooperation between our companies will continue to be a success well into the future."

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