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Unique center of modern technology, telephony and Internet opens in Moscow


On 4th June 2015 in Moscow, a unique center of modern technology, telephony and Internet, called the Dolgoruky Internet Yard will be opened. The new center will bring together museums and exhibitions devoted to the evolution of technology and the Internet. There will be a co-operation site and media center. The project involves the creation of a unique communication space for the professional community and the promotion of ICT. The founders of the center are members of Sodeystviye, a non-profit partnership to promote the development of science and industry, along with Mastertel and RadiusGroup. Work on the development of Dolgoruky Internet Yard by Sodeystviye will also bring together such companies as Rostelecom, Megafon, and other leaders of the ICT market, who will each showcase their own brand of technology at the Center.

The Dolgoruky Internet Yard technology center is the first of its kind in Russia. It will host several projects that are important for the development and promotion of ICT. The Museum of Telephone History will also be present in the Center, where it will set up a large-scale exhibition called Internet. In addition, the co-operation area and media center will house the Kolpachny corner (Business FM) and the cozy FonKafe.

The Museum will have on display the most complete collection of authentic vintage telephones in the world, a collection spanning the invention of the telephone to the present day. Under the auspices of the Museum, a children's art studio is planned, along with the setting up of workshops and other educational programs.

The main objective of the exhibition entitled The evolution of the Internet show how data transmission technologies have changed and how opportunities for communication and the exchange of information have increased. The exhibition will feature the most modern IT equipment, through which visitors will be able to see exactly what the Internet is, how it works and what opportunities it offers.

The co-operation platform, which will be housed inside the Dolgoruky Internet Yard, will bring together experienced IT experts and provide professional communication space for collaboration, exchange of experiences, industry events, etc.

The Kolpachny media center will host on-line meetings with recognized experts of IT and the telecom industry. Thanks to the executive partner of the project, (Mastertel), the Media Center will be connected by direct fiber-optic lines with all businesses and specialized media of the Capital. Each concern will showcase its own website such as . (DataManagementCentres.rf), . (inTheCloud.rf).

The Dolgoruky Internet Yard is located in an historic mansion in the center of Moscow, near China Town. This was formerly the main house of the Dolgoruky manor, built on a XVII century site.

As part of the opening ceremony, a time capsule will be symbolically placed below ground. Participants of the event will be able to send a message to future generations, describing their current expectations and hopes. The capsule will be laid in the courtyard of the mansion. A cast-iron seal embellished with the future opening date of the message (04.06.2115) will be mounted at the location of the capsule.

Dolgoruky Internet Yard have invited representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, Government of Moscow, the Moscow Department of Culture, research and educational institutions and various sectors of the economy.

The Museum will tell the story of the owner of our collection, about how he acquired the most interesting exhibits. Our researchers will conduct a guided tour. All guests will be personally met by the founders of the project - Dmitry Marinichev, Internet Ombudsman and CEO of RadiusGroup and Vitaly Ezopov, CEO of Mastertel.

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