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Dolgoruky Internet Yard attracts young people and professionals


On 3rd June, in Moscow, the Dolgoruky Internet Yard, a center of modern technology and communications, opened its doors! The site is the first media space for museum and exhibition displays, which are dedicated to the history of communications technology and the Internet. It also boasts a co-operation area and a media center.

The Dolgoruky Internet Yard is located in Moscows China Town in the house that was once Prince Dolgorukys manor. Visitors met the founders of the project - Dmitry Marinichev, Internet Ombudsman and CEO of RadiusGroup and Vitaly Ezopov, CEO of Mastertel.
Key private and public telecom market companies, including, Rostelecom, Yandex, Rambler and others have expressed their readiness to support social projects like this.

Important guests were welcomed to the event: among them were Alexander Gorbatko, Deputy Head of the City of Moscow Information Technology Department, Professor Ivan Arzantsev, Dean of the Computer Science Faculty of the NIU Higher School of Economics, Matvey Alexeev, Director of External Communications at Rambler & Co., Andrei Kolesnikov, Director of the National Internet Domain Coordination Center and Ivan Zassoursky, President of the Association of Internet Publishers and Head of the New Media and Theory of Communications Faculty of Journalism in MGU. All speakers stressed the high cultural, scientific and social importance of establishing such a center.

"Creating such a center is a momentous event of our time. It is even surprising that such a site does not already exist! The Dolgoruky Internet Yard will justifiably make this niche its own and will continue to evolve with the times but somewhere, I hope, ahead of the development of technology," said Deputy Head of the Information Technology Department of the city of Moscow, Alexander Gorbatko.

"We welcome the emergence of this new center, which will become a communications platform for professionals in information technology, as well as for citizens but particularly for students, said Professor Ivan Arzantsev, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Sciences Higher School of Economics.

The founder of the project, telephone collector and CEO of Mastertel, Vitaly Ezopov said: "Modern technologies, the Internet and telephones have become elements without which we simply couldnt imagine modern life. An important feature of this new site is the ability to step back, reflect and learn about the high-tech world in which we live today. To remember how it all began!"

"Our new center - the infrastructure for communications, a meeting place for the professional community is a focal point in the IT and Internet industry. We are confident that this platform will have an important educational function and will be a fashionable and popular destination among young people, the modern intelligentsia," said Dmitry Marinichev, Internet Ombudsman and CEO of RadiusGroup.

The highlight of the event was the burying of a time capsule, in which everyone placed a message for future generations. On the capsule, with its cast iron seal, was placed a plaque with the date 06/03/2040 (the expected opening of the capsule).

Dolgoruky Internet Yard, the first multimedia platform in which several projects take place, is changing the format of museum exhibitions. In the center you will find: the Museum of Telephone History, the exhibition entitled The evolution of the Internet, a professional co-operation platform, the Kolpachny media center and the FonKafe café.

The historical evolution of telecommunications will be on show! The Museum of Telephone History boasts a unique collection of vintage telephones as well as the exhibition The evolution of the Internet, which shows how the Internet and its digital technology have evolved.

One of the objectives of the center is to create a professional space for communications, collaboration and exchange of experiences: the Dolgoruky Internet Yard will have a specially designated co-operation area and the Kolpachny media center, where online meetings take place between key market specialists.

Activity at the center in terms of various exhibitions and special events should start this autumn.

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