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Ombudsman receives customized telephone number from Mastertel


Mastertel has provided a reliable and affordable telephone service to the Ombudsman responsible for the Internet (entrepreneurship and development), as authorized by the President of the Russian Federation. The Omdudsman, Dmitry Marinicheva, has been provided with a single phone number, available in both Moscow pre-fixes. They are 8-495 / 499-825-11-11.

One of the most important tasks of the Internet Ombudsman, Dmitry Marinicheva, is to ensure cooperation between authorities, foundations and entrepreneurs in order to develop the Internet industry as a sector of the economy. Therefore, the availability of convenient and affordable communication is a prerequisite for the effective operation of the Ombudsman.

The customized BiTell telephone number allows members of the public, the business community and government agencies to contact the Ombudsman with any Internet related issue at a convenient time for them using a simple and easy to remember phone number.

In his capacity as Ombudsman, Dmitry Marinichev aims to eliminate  violations of entrepreneurs' rights in the areas of regulation and monitoring of the functioning and development of the Internet. Dmitry Marinichev is engaged in supporting and defending the interests of the IT business, promotion of Internet initiatives, the creation of favorable conditions for the realization of new hi-tech and socially significant projects, as well as the development of the Internet industry in Russia.

BiTell – is a service tha allows one to choose and buy a 'beautiful' telephone number, available with two different Moscow pre-fixes (495 and 499). Using these numbers BiTell allows customers to quickly remember a phone number, thereby increasing the flow of calls to the company and contributing to the growth of sales. BiTell services are available in any format from connection via a dedicated line or via a virtual PBX cloud platform.

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