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Unique MDK communication platform enters the Russian market


3data has just presented the unique MDK communication platform to the Russian market for the first time. It is the first platform in the world for creating corporate messengers, based on white label principles using patented technologies for geo-data, behavioral analysis and geo-fencing. The new platform has been designed for government organizations and large companies with high demands on the quality of processing and the transmission and storage of data. Unlike other messengers, MDK data is owned by the customer and stored only on Russian servers, fully consistent with the modern policy of import substitution.

MDK communication platform was developed by MDK Labs (Germany) with the latest patented innovations by Tourmaline Labs (US). The platform was introduced to the Russian market by hosting-provider 3data, which has the necessary rights and licenses for the product.

Contrary to popular messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, 4talk et al.), MDK was designed specifically for corporate use. The platform provides a number of built-in patented technologies: the collection of geo-data, behavioral analysis, geo-fencing and others. The system is owned by the customer: is located on its servers and is served by its staff.

Highly scalable and with a fault-tolerant infrastructure, MDK meets the communications needs of organizations of any scale: with any number of employees and any amount of messaging content in different formats - from text messaging to video. Distributed infrastructure provides reliable processing and storage. All the transmitted information is encrypted and stored in accordance with industry standards, enabling the use of MDK in state organizations, military-industrial complexes, banks, educational and medical institutions, where confidentiality is paramount.

The open architecture allows you to integrate MDK with a variety of systems and services, already working in the Company. The platform makes it possible to create a messenger from scratch, as well as add some functions to existing applications. Low power consumption ensures a high level of mobile device battery charge even during constant use of the messenger in active mode.

The MDK platform is based on Internet Protocol MQTT, which creates a minimum load on the infrastructure. With the help of the MDK corporate messenger platform, the user can be used with photo and copying devices: to get information on the status of a task, progress reports, information about problem diagnosis, etc.

Developers of the MDK platform have provided various options for its use. MDK is used to create messengers of intra corporate interaction with advanced logic based on geo-data, as well as for communication with customers, which can be used as an additional channel of communication along with the call-center, Web site, social networks, etc.

The platform is also used for:
automated collection of different information from users with advanced geo-based logic;
automatic geo-control for transport, traveling employees, partners and contractors;
implementation of innovative ways of accepting payments to facilitate access to products, services and events;
send messages in the framework of other systems or solutions based on efficient MDK engine;
use of geo-data, behavioral analysis and geo-sampling in other systems or solutions based on MDK modules;
implementation of innovative marketing solutions based on the MDK geo-slider.

"We are pleased to present this unique MDK platform to the Russian market. Its functionality and ability to integrate with any services serve to facilitate communication and improve collaboration within the organization as well as with contractors, partners and customers, which, of course, is the key to the success of any company! commented Ilya Hala, 3Data CEO. We are confident that, in the near future, the MDK platform will be appreciated by all our customers."

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