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Rubicom builds new network on Master-Connect base


The Connection Provider Rubicom has build its own fibre-optic network on the territory of the Moscow based company, Master-Connect.
The resources of the Master-Connect fibre-optic network (the construction of which is provided by Mastertel-Sever) are being leased out to Service Providers and Corporate users. Rubicom originally also rented ‘fibres’, but, at the end of 2007, an agreement was reached regarding the purchase of some of Master-Connect resources.
Rubicom plans to operate and enlarge its network, aiming to connect business clients and provide them with a full range of high quality telecommunications services. One of the key services of Rubicom is to link its Moscow client’s offices by a data transmission network with offices in more then 200 cities of Russia and abroad.
Rubicom’s network is built using fibre optic connection lines and equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Cisco Systems, Juniper, Foundry and Avaya. The total investment into this network’s creation runs at more then 100 mln. Rubles.
“The scale of the Master-Connect network, its accessibility for connection in various areas of Moscow and its intelligent technical policy make the collaboration with this project very attractive. We managed, in record time, to create a fibre optic network, covering practically all of the territory of Moscow”- said Dmitriy Samarin, Executive Director of Rubicom.

‘Master-Connect’ network ( consists of a unique dark fibre and has no existing analogues. A Master-Connect network is situated in each of the 10 administrative areas of Moscow; CAO, ZAO, CZAO, CBAO, UZAO, CAO, UVAO, UAO, VAO, ZelAO as well as reaching such Moscow suburbs as Khimki, Mitischi, Lyubertsi, Pushkino, Ivanteyevka, etc. The Network is based on a high capacity fibre-optic cable consisting of 64, 72 or more fibres.

Rubicom is a Moscow-based Universal Service Provider. It is a member of the Group of Companies ‘Eltel’ and was established in 2006 by a group of private investors and the Company ‘SAF-14’, which specialises in the development of telecommunications projects.
At the base of this company city network is the purchase of other operators’ cables and fibres. By the end of 2007 the length of the Rubicom network had reached more then 500 kilometres.
The main areas of Rubicom’s activities are: telephone connection, provision of high speed Internet access, organisation of corporate networks, organisation of data transmission channels, professional hosting, ASP lease and consulting.

Mastertel-North was established in 2002 as a building-construction Company specialising in the laying and joining of fibre-optic cables, building telephone channels and the creation of structured cabling systems.

Mastertel-North has been a member of Prime Business Group Holding since 2003.

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