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Mastertel's radio days


In a fast approaching 2009 Mastertel (Connection Service Provider of Moscow and Moscow region) plans to enlarge its pool of radio stations covered by Mastertel's own connection services.

Mastertel already has all of the vital technical and business solutions enabling it to provide a fully functioning radio station of any format.

Each radio station requires the transmission of its radio signal from studio to transmitter (the point where the broadcast originates). There are several such points in Moscow Ostankino, at 24 Demyana Bednogo, the Technical Centre GPKC at 37 Shabolovka and others. All these points have Mastertel's fibre-optic connection lines on site.

The purpose of FM-radio stations is to provide long distance data and sound transmission. Providers, therefore, face special requirements. These include: minimum losses and time delays in synchro data transmission as well as prompt problem solving and round-the-clock reliability. Channels used by radio stations have to work without even the minimum down time. This is especially important for network satellite radio stations. Any disturbance in their work leads to a disturbance in the quality of broadcasting in many cities across Russia and the former Russian republics.

"There are three radio stations in our holding: Love Radio, X-FM and Radio Dacha. We have been working with Mastertel for over a year now. For the digital transmission of our radio stations' programs to both the satellite and the FM-broadcasting broadcasting centre, we use services called 'point-to-point' channels based on E1 protocol. In addition, for the management of remote equipment and for data transmission, we use VPN channels. All of these services were connected during and after successful testing so we, as a fully trusted Service Provider, extended our data transmission into various points of Moscow.

Today we can safely say that Mastertel copes admirably with all possible tasks of any level of complexity and we hope that our future collaborations may continue with the same traditional high connection quality and professional support," said Dmitriy Lisovskiy, Technical Director of the Media-holding.

"The specific nature of the radio business puts a special responsibility on telecommunications service suppliers. Also, the fact that Mastertel and Silver Rain have been collaborating for many years now is the clearest evidence of the high level of professionalism displayed by Mastertel's specialists," remarks Alexander Dubrovin, Technical Director of the Silver Rain radio station.

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