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Introduction of CRM makes impact on business success


On the 20th of February ináThe Daev Plaza Business Centre aábusiness-breakfast called "The Price ofáSuccess: How toáchoose andáintroduce CRM" took place. Theáorganisers ofátheáevent were Mastertrade, Berner &áStafford andáSoftline Solutions.

The Business-breakfast was addressed byátheáattending executive andácommercial directors, heads ofásales andámarketing departments, IT-divisions andámedia, etc.

In the current financial situation theárationale ofáspending recourses has become theákey toásurvival. All time spent onáinformation searching can be reduced byáanáequally adequate solution. Theáadvantages ofáCRM-systems, how theáintroduction ofáCRM-systems can save money andáits impact onábusiness successጠall were covered atáthis event.

The highlights ofáthis event included topical debates byárepresentatives ofácompanies Berner &áStafford, Softline Solutions andáMastertrade ináaáround table manner. During these debates attendants got answers toáall ofátheir questions.

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