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Sky Link collaborate with Mastertel in building transport network in Moscow region


Sky Link Mobile Phone Service Provider are collaborating with Mastertel in developing a transport network in Moscow region. Within the framework of this joint project, the existing Sky Link transport network in Moscow and Moscow Region will be substantially enlarged and modernised. This will enable improvements to technical parameters of existing services provided and, in future, to facilitate the transition to IP-MPLS-networks.

The Sky Link transport network in Moscow will be built based on the Master-Connect fiber-optic infrastructure, which is being developed jointly by Mastertel and Mastertel Stroy Proekt Service. In the first half of 2009, the overall length of Sky Link's own fibre optic network has been increased by 80%.

Master-Connect's network quality enables it to provide extended possibilities for information protection, high carrying capacity and non failure and always-on operation. Each of these isa real necessity for any Provider of 3G services, who works with large data volumes.

"We plan, by the end of 2009, 90% of Sky Link base stations will be transferred to Fiber-Optic Connection Lines infrastructure. This will enable it to increase the network's carrying capacity to provide for an ever growing volume of traffic consumption, increase its reliability and to use the most up-to-date technologies while allowing further building and modernising of the transport network in the near future," said Georgiy Gusev, First Vice of Sky Link's Executive Director.

The project is being carried out by Mastertel Stroy Proekt Service, a member of the Prime Business Group Holding. The project has seven stages. During these stages, a high capacity cable will be laid for the next pool of base stations' addresses (at the new sites of Moscow's Sky Link fibre-optic network).

"Mutually favourable agreements like ours enable us to enlarge the zone of the Service Provider's services for the subscribers' benefit. This includes both mobile phone and high speed mobile Internet access. According to ROCIT, the Russian Internet market rose by 15% in 2008 and will continue its growth in geometrical progression," said Vladimir Olevson, Vice of Mastertel Stroy Proekt Service's Executive Director.

At the present moment, Sky Link is the only Provider with a full scale of cover and high quality 3G services at the territory of Moscow and its region.Sky link services are currently available at the territory of more than 5,000 populated localities and in 32 regions across Russia, serving more than 1 million subscribers in 3G networks and providing more than 80% of 3G traffic in Russia*. The growth of data transmission traffic in 2009 has reached 86%, and the total volume of Internet traffic in Sky Link's network in the first half of 2009 was 1,090 Tb.

* ComNews Research (

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