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Reliable service on the double by two partners: Mastertel and Oversun


The Connection Service Provider, Mastertel, along with the Oversun Group of Companies, have signed a collaboration agreement. According to this agreement the two Partners will provide the Oversun-Mercury data-centre premium class subscribers with the additional service "last mile".

Mastertel and the Oversun Holding (corporate sector provider of scaled IT services) have both signed the joint agreement, which sees Mastertel providing the Oversun-Mercury data-centre with connection channels.

Igor Yoshpa, Director of Development at the Oversun Group, said: "Oversun-Mercury is already connected through its own optical channels with the main Russian connection nodes, MMTS № 9 and MMTS № 10. These provide reliable dedicated Internet connections. The partnership with Mastertel gives us additional opportunities to create dedicated connection channels and to provide the additional "last mile" service. As a result of our partnership, the service subscriber will benefit by receiving reliable and high quality telecommunications services".

"Within the framework of the partnership agreement, clients of the Oversun-Mercury data-centre may avail of the full range of telecommunications services, including data transmission services and the creation of point-to-point channels. This is in addition to the possibility to rent or purchase fibre optic lines (to create connection channels leading to any represented point within Moscow). This joint project will give Oversun-Mercury clients the opportunity to significantly optimize their telecommunications services expenses, and to increase the quality and scaling of their corporate services," commented Vitaly Ezopov, Mastertel's Executive Director.

During this project, Mastertel carried out the laying of fibre-optic cables to the data-centre. This was achieved by building the "last mile" from the Master-Connect network (which is the company's massive infrastructure base) and enables us to solve network interaction tasks, to introduce new telecommunications services and to reconstruct existing connection networks. The Master-Connect network allows the opportunity to create a rigid, complete network infrastructure, which defines its character, both from the point of architecture and cabling.

About the Oversun Group of Companies

The Oversun Group has, as one of its members, Oversun-Mercury, one of the most modern Russian data management and storage centres. They are also the designers of Russia's first scaled hosting base, Oversun-Scalaxy. The Holding is specialized in the design of premium class scaled services and offers corporate clients a range of innovative services based upon "virtual" and "cloud computing" technologies. The Oversun Group's strategic aim is to take a leading position in the scaling of corporate IT infrastructures.

About the Oversun-Mercury data centre

The Oversun-Mercury data centre came into operation in January 2010 and is one of the largest and most technically advanced of Russia's data management commercial centres. Its grounds were built according to international standards and are oriented to tasks with the most resource-hungry applications. Oversun-Mercury is the base for the provision of a large range of network- and telecommunications services as well as the installation of equipment and the organization of connection channels.

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