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Mastertel's well coordinated operation after fire outbreak at Marksistskaya


On Thursday 14th of October a fire blazed following an explosion at 34 Marksistskaya Street (in Moscow's central "Chasovoy Zavod" territory). Both seriously damaged the network infrastructures of many connection service providers, including Mastertel's own network node. As a result, some of the company's clients experienced interruptions in their telephone connection and Internet access.

The accident is believed to have occurred at 6:30 am. Technical services had established this fact and, 15 minutes later, began their pre-repair trouble shooting as well as organizing temporary (reserve) transmission channels while repair work was carried out. Ten fibre-optic cables as well as active telecommunications equipment were damaged as a result of a collapsed wall not to mention damage caused by the fire itself and the ensuing fire-fighting effort. This interrupted the normal operation of a segment of the network.

It should be noted, however, that the majority of clients didn't even notice any connection interruption thanks to the automatic transferral to reserve channels. Thanks to the prompt and well coordinated work of Mastertel's technical department emergency teams, affected subscribers (physically connected to the destroyed node) were re-connected with constant connections within only hours of the explosion. Full recovery took around 36 hours, which, by industry standards, is significantly better then the established norms. During this time three additional connection nodes were launched, totalling more than 10 km of reserved fibre-optic cable.

The level of training that Mastertel's technical services undergo satisfies only the highest standards. The capability to deal with the aftermath of accidents where fibre-optic connection lines and network nodes equipment have suffered damage enables the service provider to promptly find solutions in any extreme situation. There can be no comparison with a connection node "accident" of similar scale which occurred several years ago at a large Moscow provider. It took several weeks to restore damaged connection lines and re-establish a constant connection network.

Nethertheless, Mastertel will not rest on its laurels. It was decided to increase the level of network fault tolerance by laying additional reserve facilities. All work will be financed solely by Mastertel.

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