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Mastertel now in Skolkovo


Mastertel and The Moscow School of Management Skolkovo have signed a joint-agreement. As part of this mutual collaboration, Mastertel has already been working on providing the School with its telecommunications set-up.

The Moscow School of Management Skolkovo is an internatioanl and innovative school of the future. It aims to instil unique leadership and communicative skills required for a new class of manager. According to the schools founders initial concept, its architectural design must reflect its innovative and progressive character. That is why this educational centre is built with high-tech style and is equipped according to the most up-to-date technical engineering standards. Mastertels work principles proclaiming innovations and complex approaches have become injected into the Skolkovo project in the best way possible.

Mastertel has already provided services in a large section of the business school (26 hectares total area) with high speed Internet access and digital telephony. The service providers specialists have already built channels and have layed fibre-optic cables of 48 fibres capacity at Skolkovo. As a result, staff members of the intellectual and research centre have recieved the services of trunk Internet access as well as a pool of ABC=495 code numbers based on modern batch technology. The provider also registred a block of independent IP-addresses and introduced the possibility of client autonomic system routing. In addition, Mastertel has also built a modern connection node at Skolkovo, where, in future, subscribers may avail of additional telecommunications services.

"During the four years of its existence The Moscow School of Management Skolkovo has established itself as a respected international debating platform for communications of the intellectual elite not only in Russia, but throughout the whole world. We are undoubtedly proud that it is our Company which has become the telecommunications partner in such a colossal venture of new format, and which has as its target the formation of a future world business-society"- said Vitaly Ezopov, Executive Director of Mastertel and a member of the Prime Business Group Holding Board of Directors.

Providing such a telecommunications project, Mastertel adds its input to the development of a grand innovative initiative, which has deep meaning not only for our country, but for the whole world as well. Russia, recognising the immediate need of an up-to-date scientific base and highly qualified managers, is, more then anyone, interested to enter the worlds sientific arena. The Skolkovo project is an example of the Governement reforming and transforming Russian-European business relations.

The Moscow School of Management Skolkovo is a joint venture of representatives of Russian and international business, who united their efforts to create from scratch a business school of the new generation. Emphasizing practical knowledge, the Moscow School of Management aims to nurture leaders, planning to apply their professional knowledge in conditions such as those of the rapidly growing markets. The Skolkovo differs in: leadership and entrepreneurship. It focuses on rapidly developing markets. It has an innovative approach to teaching methods.

The Moscow School of Management Skolkovo operates on the principle of private and state partnership. It is run within the framework of the primary national "Obrazovaniye" programme. It is financed solely by private investors and does not rely on any state funding. The Chairman of the International Advisory Board of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo is also the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev.

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