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Telecommunications leap: Mastertel revolutionizes its network


Mastertel (Connection Service Provider in Moscow and St. Petersburg) are just finishing its modernisation of Master-Connect dark optic fibre. Investments into this reform process will enable the Provider to reduce fibre leasing charges, improve its reliability, decrease the time required for the projects' operation, expand its range of services, as well as avail of virtually any number of fibres during connection.

"Innovations in telecommunications services are the most effective way to unify services. This leads to the ability to provide to a larger number of clients," explains Vitaly Ezopov, Executive Director of Mastertel. "Innovations are generally regarded as part of a very important developmental direction of our Company as, without them, the future is not possible. We strive to eradicate long lasting client issues in order to solve tasks in the future".

The result of this modernisation is a new core network based on high capacity cables. The joining of building cables is achieved thanks to universal splice boxes enabling the moulding of fibres according to required configurations. This provides for the linking up of up to 16 cables located in their own telephone manholes. Underground optical distribution frames are laid at high capacity trunk junctions. They cater for any number of commutations between trunks, this way increasing options for the leasing of fibre.

Communication nodes are created at fully adapted rented premises, with a large number of trunk cables brought in. Trunk cable 'last miles' are built bearing in mind the possibility of getting from any one point to different trunks.

These changes all took into consideration current clients' needs: they reduce limitations in the use of 'dark' fibres, increase the reliability of assembled networks and provide the possibility to assemble any communications path in a short time.

"We are aiming to design a universal constructer set, which will allow us to create networks of any configuration, matching the needs of small service providers, as well as allowing for the expansion of already existing networks of the market leaders. This will cater for 'point to point' connections between large data centres as well as simply connecting several addresses at opposite sides of Moscow. Based on this strategy we increase the length of Master-Connect month by month. At the present moment its length is 4,500 km," commented Vitaly Ezopov.

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