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Mastertel provides connection to Moscow's Cultural Centre


Mastertel has provided telecommunications connections for the Technical Centre of the Moscow Department of Culture. The Service Provider has just signed a telecommunications contract with the State client to carry out this telecommunications endeavour at the historical centre in Moscow, where it has been since its relocation in 2010.

The client's new office is located in the historical building at 6/9/20 Rozhdestvenka. Having successfully completed a number of negotiations with the authorities and having received permission to carry out work at the historical centre, Mastertel laid fibre-optic cables to the client's office, providing telephony based on E1 digital connection channels, high speed Internet access as well as a pool of telephone numbers. The Company also provided the client with a PBX device resource and carried out its programming, which enabled them to solve call distribution tasks.

During project work at Moscow's historical centre, many difficulties arose. There were negotiations at every project stage with the city's planning authorities, as well as technical factors (such as the poor state of existing connection cables which caused difficulty for builders).

The project to connect Moscow's Department of Culture (Technical Centre) was the result of the complex work of all of Mastertel's services, commented Vitaly Ezopov, the Executive Director of Mastertel. We approached all tasks with a systematic and sequential approach, thereby guaranteeing the scheduled finish time as well as providing the highest quality service.

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