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Moscow schools ready for introduction of video-surveillance


Mastertel has announced the start of its large scale telecommunications project with the Lomonosov private school. The unique general education methods employed at this school are based on modern educational techniques which are not possible without high quality communications. Within the framework of revamping its telecommunications infrastructure, the school has signed an agreement with ZAO Mastertel for the supply of telephony, the laying of 100Mb channels into the educational premises and their unification into one single local fibre-optic network with a speed of 1Gb/sec.

"The Lomonosov School project requires the consolidation of all our Company's services", commented Executive Director of Mastertel Vitaly Ezopov. "Having systematically evaluated the school's telecommunications ambitions and requirements, may I say that this project will be an extraordinary one for us".

The school's future plans have already been stated: the management plans to introduce video-surveillance during lectures and seminars. In this way every pupil will be able to "virtually" part-take in classes if, for some reason, ones presence in person is not possible. This will also be a vital resource for parents who will get the chance to be in the same "information space" as their children and to follow the educational process.

After broadband connection, the Lomonosov school is planning to raise the stakes with the introduction of a "remote" education system. During a "remote lesson", each pupil working with this educational program application will be able to access theoretical material with illustrations, photographs and animation, etc. They will also be able to carry out practical tasks, answer test questions and to interact with the teacher and classmates.

High-speed Internet access will allow active distance education in virtual classes, where pupils and teachers will be able to interact in an on-line manner. This high-speed network connection will also enable the school to host inter- and extra-school web-conferences, lessons, internet-broadcasts and other school events. It will also make the work of school staff, parents and pupils at the school's corporate portal much easier.

These changes will enable an increase in the effectiveness of teachers, pupils, parents and the school administration.

"We like innovations to be introduced in our educational process as soon as possible. This helps to bring our educational system to a global level and to achieve great results. We are sure that our introduction of video-surveillance opens up new opportunities. Up until now, we were unable to find a telecommunications partner who could solve this complex set of tasks", said Vyacheslav Zhdanov, Director of the Lomonosov School.

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