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Reliable telecommunications contributing to the city's safety


Mastertel has announced its contract to provide telecommunications services to the BASIS Engineering Center, whose office has just recently relocated (summer 2011) to a new office building at Sadovnicheskaya Street. The need to re-establish telecommunications connections speedily was met with the aid of ZAO Mastertel's expertise. The task was quite complicated due to BASIS' location in the historical part of the city. This required a lot of technical negotiations with the authorities, something which usually significantly increases the project completion time not least because of the numerous administrative hurdles. Despite this, our client was provided with a 10Mbit/sec Internet connection in an extremely short time (four weeks). EC BASIS collaborates with leading scientific institutions in the area of complex security and applies modern technologies of data transmission and management in their everyday operations. "Such a high industry profile requires the ideal telecommunications solution, something which we, the service provider, must provide. We were glad to have solved our clients difficult relocation issues so promptly. The main difficulty was the location of the head office. Mastertel, however, who serve thousands of subscribers, have been so well drilled in coordinating with authorities (something which normally adversely affects working time-frame) that they have achieved a level of perfection in managing a project's paperwork, commented the project works Executive Director of Mastertel Vitaly Ezopov.

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