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TNK-BP chooses Mastertel


Mastertel-Sever (a member of the Prime Business Group Holding and the Mastertel's exclusive contructor in the laying and servicing of fiber-optic lines) has been anounced as the winner of an open competition initiated by the TNK-BP Oil Company and entitled 'Building fiber-optic connection lines' between computer data-centers and the Nordstar office-centre, located at 3 building 1 Begovaya Street. TNK-BP management had earlier made a decision to unite all of its Moscow divisions into one building in order to optimise office space expenses. Thus TNK-BP will carry out a largescale relocation to the Nordstar business-center at Begovaya Street, where the Company has rented out 20 storeys. The Company has put to tender its relocation project; their aim being to find the best value/quality proposal and to adhere to Company procedures. Several building-construction companies took part in these competitions. Mastertel-Sever was ultimately victorious thanks to it offering the most favourable conditions for the creation of a viable telecommunications infrastructure, not to mention its vast experience in similar projects and an exellent reputation in the telecommunications market. In the framework of the project, Mastertel-Sever built two fiber-optic connection lines from the TNK-BP data-center to the business center's actual building (with future technical servicing of cable lines). To avoid any possible failures, cables were laid down along two independent routes. Each of them can deliver telecommunications services. The project's specification details routes (with a total length of 22.2 km) with very complicated courses through various connection nodes and territories under various authorities' regulation. In addition, the actual building process was made even more complicated as reconstruction and building of cable channels had to be applied in a very short time to inaccessible areas. ''Being involved in a joint project with TNK-BP is an honour for us and we are glad that Mastertel-Sever was chosen as their contractor. The significance of this victory is not only evident in the status of the Company, but also in the high complexity of technical solutions realised in the project. From our side, we made our best efforts in order for the TNK-BP to achieve maximum benefit from the services and to experience our high level of services and our client-oriented approach to solving given tasks'', said Vladimor Olevson, Executive Director of Mastertel-Sever.

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