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Mastertel becomes telecommunications partner of Krasniy Octyabr culture group


Mastertel announces its collaboration with Krasniy Octyabr culture centre. In the framework of this project, several key bars located centrally were provided with connection.

Today, Krasniy Octyabr becomes the core Moscow's exhibition life. The unique site of the former chocolate factory, with a reputation as a fashionable art site, attracts many modern exhibition projects as well as modern companies and art projects: e.g., galleries and exhibition halls; restaurants and clubs, show-rooms and shops; educational centers and photo-studios; sports centers, offices and many more. Over the last few years, Krasniy Octyabr has literally become the cult center of the Capital.

For all of Mastertel's connected sites, the Company has designed special service packages. For example, V-bar and DOME periodically host presentations and concerts at their premises, which require temporary increases in Internet channel speed. Generally, however, the site's occupants use a standard speed. Such a flexible work scheme allows the possibility to use resources with the confidence that capacity can be expanded with high quality when the need arises.

The Rolling Stones Club also needed a non-standard and creative approach to the provision of their telecommunications operation. Due to the running of several projects with the Silver Rain radio-station, the club needed a direct point-to-point channel to its studio server. So, it was provided with one in a very short time.

"Krasniy Octyabr is more a cultural phenomenon than just a complex arrangement of establishments. All of the leading Capitals of the world have similar cultural quarters. Now Moscow can also be proud to have such site. We really like working with creative and non-standard objects. From us it requires prompt and straight-forward solutions and the ability to work on individual tasks," commented Vitaly Ezopov, Executive Director of Mastertel.

Mastertel's work on providing Krasniy Octyabr's sites with telecommunications is active and continuing at the present moment.

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