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Mastertel at "Business Solutions: Banking 2012"


Mastertel will take part inátheá"Business Solutions: Banking 2012" conference, which will take place oná30thŚ31st ofáJanuary 2012 atátheáTzargrad Hotel.

The topic of the conference will be theáuse ofánew technologies inátheámodern day bank. These new technologies are not only forátheáclient but also forátheábank itself. Theámodern bank is aádiverse andácomplicated structure, which should function ináclockwork like manner: behind aábeautiful numbered face should be aáprecise working mechanism. It is foráthis reason that information technology isáone ofátheákeystones ofáany modern bank.

Mastertel's Business Development Director Sergey Fomichev will speak onátheátopic "Requirements when building bank communications networks inátheáMoscow region. Simple solutions forácomplicated tasks". Theámain points ofáhis speech cover theápluses andáminuses ofátheáexisting corporate network structures andádata backup methods inátoday's banks.

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