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The Art of Telecommunications


Mastertel has announced the beginning of a project, which will provide telecommunications services for The Meyerhold Centre.

As part of the contract, Mastertel laid a fiber-optic connection channel to the building, located at 23 Novoslobodskaya Street and provided the Centre with high-speed Internet access and telephony.

The Meyerhold Centre (CIM) was established in 1991 as part of an initiative of the artistic directorĺs Art Heritage Committee and, in addition, with the support of the Art Workers Union as well as the Union of Architects of Russia. In 1991 the Moscow Government decided to make CIM the State Unitary Enterprise.

źThe provision of connection services at a site with such high level technology, where tour and festival plays take place, is yet another milestone in Mastertelĺs story. We strive to support projects of exactly this ilk. Our specialists used their skill and knowledge to perform their tasks in a very short time and with high quality╗, - said Sergey Fomichev, ZAO Mastertelĺs Director of Business Development.

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