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Partisans Get Connected


On 30th of June 2012, at Moscow's Poklonnaya Gora, a special event took place around the same time as the historic Day of Partisans and Underground Resistance. This annual celebration took place on 29th of June.     

As part of the occasion at the 'Partisan Unit Base' exhibition in Moscow's Central Great Patriotic War Museum, a Minsk TV Bridge event was staged for both Russian and Belorussian war veterans. The organizers of the event gave these war veterans the chance to communicate on-line with fellow soldiers and fighters (i.e. those who couldnt make it to Moscow on that day).     

Mastertel, in its role as telecommunications partner, provided a Wi-Fi zone at the event with a constant wireless Wi-Fi connection.     

Our Company treats all historic dates relating to the Great Patriotic War with great respect. Participation at this event as telecommunications partner was a great honor for us. We were afforded a unique opportunity to pay our respects to our hero liberators. "One cant move to the future without keeping a memory of our heroic past in our hearts", said Vitaly Ezopov, Executive Director of Mastertel.     

The Partisan movement during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45 deployed fighters in order to liberate the Soviet people against the German occupiers in occupied areas of the USSR. Having initially appeared spontaneously in rising against the enemy, the movement quickly gained solidarity and became a well-managed power struggle, exerting great resistance, in opposition to the occupier's regime.

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