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Mastertel an example to be copied!


The leading Connection Service Provider Mastertel has announced the final stage of cable-reserving at Moscows largest data management centers. These achievements have enabled us to raise the bar in terms of the level of our customer care.

Thus Moscows largest data-management centers have been linked by two independent cable trunk sections to the Master-Connect fiber-optic Network.

Within the framework of this program, Mastertel has become the only company providing data-centers with reserve capacity on the territory of OAO NICEVT (125 Varshavskoye Shosse) by providing them with Mastertels own new alternative cable link. There are four large data-centers in NICEVT: STACK-telecom/M1, I-Teco, Odnoklassniki and For these, the Provider leases out its own Master-Connect network.

Technological solutions from Mastertel differ with their large capacity reserve of leased lines as well as their high level of safety. Thanks to these factors, clients are provided with a reliable communication bridge as well as network infrastructure stability.

The proof of Mastertels technological perfection was the recent project it carried out for the Tinkoff Credit Systems Bank. With this project, they utilized the Companys unique services and, with the help of the Master-Connect fiber-optic Network, managed to connect totally independent trunk sections to its servers in the M1 and DataSpace Data Management Centers, not only within Moscow, but inside the data-centers themselves.

The solutions we offer our clients are aimed at their business development and effective growth. Currently, Mastertel aside, no other Connection Service Provider has two links at both the NICEVT and DataSpace sites. In this regard, we are unique. Non-standard connection services are the norm for Mastertel! It is for this reason that we strive to realize solutions in such a way as to prompt deserved copies! shared Vitaly Ezopov, the Executive Director of Mastertel.

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