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Mastertel ensures business growth of Data Centers


The 3data Company, a network of club data centers, has joined Moscow and St. Petersburg Service Provider Mastertels long list of clients.

Under their agreement Mastertel has provided its new partner with a powerful technological base on which 3data will launch a range of very popular cloud services. Using its innovative technology platform, Mastertel was able to meet 3datas telecommunications infrastructural needs and also significantly reduce capital costs.

At the initial partnership stage, Mastertel and 3data launched a network of retail mini sites in Moscow. Together the Companies plan, over the course of the next two or three years, to build about 50 such sites.

"We undertook serious analysis of the major players of the telecommunications industry as part of our selection process. Created by Mastertel, our telecom infrastructure has allowed us to streamline our internal business processes and improve the performance of our business. said Ilya Hala, Executive Director of 3data. In addition, secure and large bandwidth communication channels also fully meet the needs of our Company."

Among other things, 3data became the owner of several numbers, including the unique premium BiTell number (800-1-800). The main advantage of the BiTell service is the sale of telephone numbers starting with codes 495 and 499. BiTell first realized the potential of the transfer of fixed-line telephone numbers between authorized providers. The owner chooses through which company it is more convenient to obtain services.

Today there is fierce competition in Russias IT market, especially among companies providing cloud services and equipment installation (co-location). For a company to remain in demand and maintain a high standard, you need to continuously improve services and provide customers with the benefits of promoting strong sales growth and provide the most advanced and reliable business solutions.

"The capabilities we possess allow us to offer the highest level services to address our customers strategic challenges. We hope that the mutually beneficial cooperation with 3data may bring positive results and, with the customized number from the BiTell service, help to retain existing customers and to attract new ones to 3data. said Vitaly Ezopov, CEO of Mastertel.

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