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Love Radio


Love Radio, Radio Dacha and X fm business cases:

With the support of ZAO Mastertel, one of Russia's leading radio broadcasters brings its telecommunications system to new heights, meeting current and future business requirements.

Company profile

The Love Radio is a Russian FM radio station. It began broadcasting on 28th of July 2000 at the frequency 106,6 FM. Its format: trendy, dynamic, international and Russian music as well as exclusive premiers of songs and albums. The Love Radio regional broadcasting network has been actively developing since 2003 and, currently, covers 96 cities across Russia and adjacent countries. Essentially, its audience is in the region of 55 million people.

According to TNS Media Research, Love Radio had over 4 million daily listeners (during the period April to June 2010) and more than 10 million Russian listeners weekly. Love Radio is one of the ten most popular Russian radio stations. The station has been expressing its dynamic outlook and positive ratings for many years.

Love Radio offers well-balanced and very high quality music broadcasting. This has been acknowledged by millions of listeners across the whole of Russia. The station broadcasts the 'golden hits' of Russia's '80s and '90s pop stars, many generations of iconic figures as well as young and promising bands and singers. Every week Radio Dacha attracts 6,200,000 Russian listeners. Radio Dacha's regional broadcasting network has been developing since 2008 and, currently, covers 24 cities. It has an audience of more than 35 million listeners. Its broadcasting frequency is 92,4 FM.

The X fm radio station began its broadcasting on the 21st of January 2008 at the frequency 96,4 FM. Its target audience are males aged 25-35. For them, X fm offers tried-and-tested Russian and foreign musical compositions.

The case

In 2006 the radio broadcaster moved into a new office. Despite having a very large floor space, the radio broadcaster didn't have a particularly specialized infrastructure. The Company needed additional capacities and reserves. In March 2007 the client signed an agreement with ZAO Mastertel.


Full relocation took just three months. Within this time, the telecommunications constructor connected an E1 channel and a dedicated high-speed Internet-channel for office staff members. Presently, the connection channel owned by Mastertel participates in live broadcasting (live signal transmissions) of Radio Dacha across Russia.

The level of service provided by ZAO Mastertel, particularly in meeting our requirements, was a defining factor in our decision on collaboration. It is in our interests to maintain long-lasting relations with these contractors, whose work satisfies us fully in matters of quality, communications and initiative solutions.
Technical Director of OOO 'Media Hold' Dmitriy Lisovskiy

Today, the volume of services provided has expanded significantly. Internet broadcasting of radio stations is provided thanks to ZAO Mastertel expertise. This type of broadcasting requires complicated technical preparation and organization as well as a healthy reserve of channels for higher system reliability.

All projects are unique. Each client's requirements demand an individual approach. This attitude enables us to realize our project successfully: we have been actively expanding the volume of our services and, over the past four years, have been successfully working with Love Radio, Radio Dacha and X fm. The execution of a business-plan helped us strengthen our relations with our client. Such projects increase client's loyalty to us.
Alexandr Kutkov, Project Manager.

The commercial 'effects' of each stage of the project were not slow to arrive: Love Radio, Radio Dacha and X fm now explore new directions of media using the highest level technology. There is a direct correlation between the technology used by the radio-stations and they way they are perceived by their audience: high quality broadcasting and innovations in the form of live Internet broadcasting make Love Radio, Radio Dacha and X fm attractive to target audiences, demanding network users and music fans.

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