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Silver Rain Radio


Silver Rain Radio business case

The complex telecommunications solution designed by ZAO Mastertel for Silver Rain provided the radio station with the necessary development for both present and future success.

Company profile

The Silver Rain radio station first broadcast on the 4th of July 1995. Satellite broadcasting of the station reaches 100 cities across Russia and surrounding countries.

Silver Rain is an information/entertainment radio station. It meets the demands of the modern radio listeners, providing them high quality information/analysis and music.

The radio station is a source of independent and unbiased information for active, independent and well-set people, those who currently define city and regional development.


At the end of 2004 the radio station built a new office from scratch. The Company needed the following services: the laying of optic cables into the building, the building and tuning of structured cable systems. In addition, its IT service needed telecommunications services for optimum performance.


Mastertel offered the following complex telecommunications support: a point-to-point channel was allocated. A signal from the studio at Dinamo now goes through this channel to the transmitter at Oktyabrskoye Pole. In addition, a dedicated Internet line with a speed of 512Mbit/sec was provided. Five telephone numbers were also set up, one of which is a customized one (925 10 01) and an auto-secretary service.

All services were provided at a high professional level: quickly, in time and with the aim of modernizing the planned earlier technical ideas of the office's telecommunications building. Building was carried out the way one would have wanted it for oneself. Staff even worked throughout the night. This was all put together by Mastertel in 2004 and since then works without any service interruption or the need for any upgrade or reconstruction.
Alexandr Dubrovin, Silver Rain radio station

Out of the large number of companies who offered tenders for the telecommunications provision at our radio station, Mastertel offered the most profitable conditions, flexible approach and demonstrated a speed in achieving solutions. Our office relocation was completed smoothly and in time. This gave the contractor a client trust, which later grew into a full-scale and long-term mutually favorable collaboration.

The standard collaboration between our companies transformed over time into friendship. Mastertel is currently our strategic partner and provides vital services to our radio station.
Alexandr Dubrovin, Silver Rain radio station

The main advantages of ZAO Mastertel are: its flexibility, complex approach and innovations. All of them played a crucial part for the Silver Rain radio station when choosing a contractor. Having started the project at the labor intensive and important relocation stage, Mastertel has been providing an optimized and uninterrupted IT infrastructure operation for many years.

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