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SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management

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The 'SKOLKOVO' Moscow School of Management (the largest private business school in Moscow) is a joint venture between Russian and international business representatives who combined their efforts to build, from scratch, a new generation business school. The SKOLKOVO business school society unites large Russian and international corporations, representatives of small- and medium-sized businesses who believe that the entrepreneurial approach and active life position will result in the successful development of the country and the whole world economy. The school’s educational programs are aimed at those who are ready for market challenges and feel confident in a rapidly changing global economy. The educational courses of the SKOLKOVO school include: Corporate and Open programs, Executive MBA, Startup Academy, Directors’ Practicum, etc.


In the autumn of 2010, the business-school invited Mastertel to become a partner. This partnership then grew into a full-scale collaboration and joint solution to the arising technological tasks.


During project work our telecommunications partner provided a large area of the business-school (the whole site area amounts to 26 hectares) with high-speed Internet and digital telephony services. In Skolkovo, the Service Provider built cable lines and laid fiber-optic cables (with 48 fiber capacity). Thanks to all the work performed, staff members of the intellectual-research center received trunk Internet access, as well as a pool of telephone numbers (in ABC=495 codes) based on modern batch technology. Mastertel also registered a block of independent IP-addresses with extra routing capacity in the client's independent system. On top of this, Mastertel set up a modern connection node at SKOLKOVO. Thanks to this node, subscribers will, in future, be able to avail of additional telecommunications services.

Mastertel also provided the Skolkovo Management School campus with connection for the then Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev's press-conference, which took place on the 18th of May 2011. At this event, it was vital that a high-speed connection line with a 300Mb/sec carrying capacity was provided. Direct broadcasting of the event was carried out by the State’s central television channels.

Providing the telecommunications for such a project, Mastertel inputs into the development of the largest private business school in Russia.

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