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Established in 1992, MERLION is Russia's distributor of computer and digital technology and is Russia’s IT market leader.

MERLION continues to successfully develop its wide-ranging distribution. This includes household technology, electronics, equipment distribution and Software for VAD model projects.

As well as distribution, MERLION develops the following similar projects:

  • POSITRONICA – Federal retail electronics chain;
  • CITYLINK – Electronics retailer;
  • Own Trademarks: PC iRU and others;
  • MERLION Projects – Systems integrator;
  • Computer clinics network – Computer servicing;
  • MERLION Competence Centre – Education and consulting.

MERLION is more than just a reliable 'bridge' between 200 global IT product-manufacturers and 5,000 Russian computer companies. Its sales offices are now present in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara and Kazakhstan (Almaty). MERLION is one of only a few companies, which play a true part in shaping our national computer technology market.


MERLION’s aim was not only to unite all of its Company divisions. Our client also wanted to find a reliable supplier, one who would act as a single centre of responsibility for their telecommunications services, one which would be able to perform tasks promptly and with technical precision. The Company’s Moscow office was united with several regional branches (St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Samara, Kazan, etc).

MERLION achieved its market leading position thanks to our principle of utmost professionalism in everything we take on. This is why, despite possessing our own top class engineering resources, we decided to pass this complicated and critically important task to an outside Company (Mastertel), one who has maximum competence in this area. To sum up, we hold Mastertel’s work in high regard. We would especially like to note Mastertel's specialists well-coordinated work and the effective coordination with our engineers and regional offices staff. This enabled them to progress with our project without disturbing our daily business processes and, most importantly, to adapt the project to our specific needs along with its eventual introduction.

Alexandr Kolesnikov, MERLION IT-Department Director.


Our collaboration began when we set up telecommunications at MERLION’s head-office. Mastertel's specialists then performed a series of stage-by-stage projects which set up Merlion's entire telecommunications network at the Company’s other offices. Direct optic cables were laid. This satisfied the unification of the Company’s two main Moscow offices. The Service Provider provided a high-speed VPN channel (1Gbit/sec) to a data management center where the Company’s server is located. Complications arose in connecting up regional offices because Mastertel is not present in these regions. Thus, 'last miles' had to be built with the help of local providers as well as sub-contractors who were located in those regions. All of this coordination demanded prompt action, control and serious financial expenditure. Nevertheless, Mastertel's specialists’ well-coordinated approach, in conjunction with MERLION's IT Department, enabled them to solve many difficult tasks.

A clear request from the client. Well coordinated technical staff approach. Prompt control by both partners. These are the factors needed to successfully realize highly scaled projects such as our one! Mastertel's specialist approach enabled it to shape a single telecommunications space, thereby increasing the reliability of MERLION's telecommunications structure as well as increasing the efficiency of its work and business processes

Denis Kazachkov, Active Sales Department Manager.

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