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OAO Russian Space Systems Research Center

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The OAO Russian Space Systems Research Center supplies Russian Space Systems with Earth Remote Sensing data. It is the industry’s center for ‘earth remote sensing’ information and is the center of the World Ocean Monitoring Single State Information System under Roscosmos.


OAO Russian Space Systems had an ever-increasing need for stable, high quality telecommunications. Due to the specific nature of their work, they cannot afford any telecommunications failures while carrying out technological tasks including the planning of space footage, its acceptance, its storage, its management and its presentation to the ‘end user’, as such situations may trigger serious problems. Following the recommendations of other companies who use Mastertel’s services, the management of the OAO Russian Space Systems Research Center approached Mastertel with a view to beginning working together. As the overall telecommunications project progressed, the initial order expanded significantly.

“The Center’s hardware and software systems, not to mention its vast telecommunications infrastructure, require maximum security and must function with maximum reliability. We were looking for a Service Provider who would not only act as a supplier of services, but would become a long-term reliable partner who would be able to act promptly and with utmost high quality. They would have the ability to react to a variety of situations, dealing with them precisely and carefully, always acting in the best interests of our Company. Mastertel matches all of the above-listed requirements. That is why we have chosen Mastertel”.

A representative of OAO Russian Space Systems.


Within the scope of this collaboration, Mastertel provided the Client with high-speed Internet access, symmetrical connection lines and IP telephony.

“Mastertel sees its partnership with OAO Russian Space Systems as a strategic one. We are sure that a telecommunications solution must play a part in solving company-client tasks. By providing high quality telecommunications services we are helping clients to achieve their targets effectively. In our view, this joint venture has the potential to solve tasks of an international scale.”

Sergey Fomichev, Mastertel’s Director of Development.

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