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Dear Clients!

To gain access to a Private Office you need the following

  1. Draft a letter on your Company’s official headed paper. The letter should include your Company's official stamp and be signed by a member of senior management. Please address the letter to: E. U. Prokopchik, Head of Accounts Department at ZAO Mastertel. Please also provide a name and e-mail address to whom a login and password will be sent (see an example of this letter below).
  2. Send your letter by fax to (495) 787 87 89 and its original to Accounts Department, Krasnobogatirskaya Street 89, Moscow.
  3. We will set up and forward your login and password within 4 hours of receipt of the above.

For queries, please contact your Manager on (495) 787 07 77..

Example of letter

Э. Ю. Прокопчик,
Руководителю расчетного отдела
ЗАО «Мастертел»

06.07.2009 г.

Просим Вас организовать доступ в личный кабинет для ООО «ВашаОрганизация».
Логин и пароль просим выслать на электронный адрес: nikolaev@вашпочтовыйадрес.ru.

С уважением,
Николаев П. И.
генеральный директор,
ООО «ВашаОрганизация»

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