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Selection of Customized Telephone Number

A customized telephone number for an individual is, first of all, a reflection of one’s status. But what does it represent for a Company? Basically, it offers competitive advantage. It enhances ones image, it raises prestige and the level of trust from clients. At the end of the day, it results in sales volume growth. A customized telephone number makes a Company more attractive to clients.

The customized phone number is a 'business card', which one offers when meeting another during a marketing or advertising campaign. Customized numbers are not only a sequence of similar digits. When we speak about a number being catchy, we mean, first of all, that it is easy to remember. This may be achieved by reducing the number of digits in a phone number or simply by their particular placement (for example, one after another), good rhyming with an advertising slogan or in other imaginative ways.

Depending on ones needs, Mastertel's client chooses the number they most like from a large data-base. We have a huge choice of customized phone numbers to suit any budget, starting from number pair repetitions up to number patterns/sequences.

Having decided to go for a customized number, a Company should remember that the priority is always quality of service. All the advantages of a customized number may be wasted if a client can't obtain good quality connection. That is why clients come to us not only for customized numbers, but for high quality connection first and foremost.

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