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Building distributed enterprise networks VPN

The larger the company, the more complicated its network infrastructure. This includes a large number of territorially spread offices and branches, as well as connection channels with remote data-centers. Many difficulties arise from network administration, corporate level program support of solutions as well as the use of information resources. To minimize these difficulties, Mastertel offers its solution.

This solution is the unification of remote branches into a single inter-corporate network based on VPN (virtual private networks) technology. The virtual network of a client is built on the base of Mastertel's high-speed fibre optic network. Thanks to its high quality technological base, this network differs in its high consumer characteristics. First of all, it has a high carrying capacity (up to 10Gbit/sec), reliability, safety, extensive scaling limits, etc. Its high-class consumer-based characteristics are guaranteed by a special Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Wide-ranging Mastertel network coverage on the territory of Moscow and its near suburbs, as well as the possibility to invite our own building company to lay 'last mile' cabling enables us to connect sites in a very short time.

By utilizing Mastertel's solution, it is possible to unite any local network with the client's IT capacities. It is important to the client that the inter-network channels remain transparent, so the user sees a single network that he is comfortable to work in. This reflects positively in labor costs. New staff members also adapt to these networks easier, even if their IT-literacy is low.

Over the long-term, building a network is a profitable investment. Its economy is achieved in reducing expenses for the following: network operation, corporate applications servicing (like ERP, CRM, electronic documentation systems, etc.). The need for data replication is therefore avoided and data reserving is simplified.

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Building distributed enterprise networks VPN

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