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Connecting to the Master-connect network

Tenants' demands in relation to connection services may vary. Small companies are usually satisfied with standard service packages. At the same time, however, larger companies have their own set of quite specific requirements. For example dedicated lines connected with remote data-centres. Tenants are often attached to particular connection providers who may or may not be present at the office centre. So the ''Master-Connect network connection'' service enables us to satisfy a wide range of tenants' specific demands.

Connecting to the Master-Connect network means that clients may purchase or rent a section of fibre-optic cable from their building to any point in Moscow and its surrounding suburbs. This may be, for example, another company's office, a data-centre or the network of another provider. This connection is laid down without the allocation of technical resources and any other expenses borne by the building's owner. In the building itself, only a 'link' is established this is a section of network leading from the tenant's office to Mastertel's own fibre-optic cable. Permission to lay such 'links' is given by the management company itself. In this way situations where new providers enter buildings without permission are eliminated. The management company, therefore, regulates this matter entirely on its own.

The Master-Connect fibre-optic cable leasing service is unique thanks to the scale of its network coverage. More then 150 Moscow providers currently use the Master-Connect network for the provision of services to clients.

Connecting to the Master-Connect network is free of charge for owners of office-centres who maintain the sole control of connection services provided in their building.

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