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Unification of sites into a single information network

It is not easy for large companies to carry out their business. This statement is especially applicable to developers and management companies. The better the business is doing, the more buildings they have under the company's control, the more sites they service but, of course, the more difficulties there are.

First of all, internal and external communications become more complicated. To connect one staff member to another or to a department, you must first understand in what office that staff member is at that moment. You then have to reach that office number, where you then ask to be connected to the required person. The same applies to work documents. Stored in electronic format at the server, they have to be accessible to any staff member. But the territorial spread of offices requires the company to hold several copies in each branch, or to pass documents on (on specific requests) while also adhering to complicated administrative procedures. It is not always clear where the original of any particular document may be. In any case one has to design methods of content synchronization to counter the negative effects on collaborative work abilities. Divisions may become separated. The process of document coordination and data exchange may become more complicated, thus causing work on joint projects to suffer. Finally, the work load on IT-specialists of the company will increase significantly. Having to serve several offices, IT-specialists' demands increase on staff members as do high investment into the network infrastructure development. Infrastructure development also makes its administration more complicated and requires even more expense. It becomes a vicious circle when the expenses demand ever higher input. But to reduce infrastructure development means to give up on the Company's further business growth. This is unacceptable.

Mastertel offers to break this 'circle' by removing all obstacles hindering business growth. An alternative way to develop network infrastructure is to unite all information resources of territorially spread offices with the help of virtual private networks (VPN) technology.

The uniqueness of the service uniting sites into a single information network proposed by Mastertel is that, at the physical level, the virtual network is built based on Master-Connect's fibre-optic network with its high carrying capacity. As a result, the client possesses a user-transparent VPN network with exceptional consumer characteristics. Likewise, the telephone network is also built with the use of Mastertel's voice network.

What does a client get when choosing such a service? First of all, the ability to work with widely spread information resources such as with single corporate storage. Secondly, through a numbering system of internal telephones with a single exit point. This is extremely convenient for clients who call using one number. And a service provider may connect with any staff member as if they were in the same building. And thirdly, the simplicity of network infrastructure servicing. Our specialists are responsible for the physical base of the virtual network and the means of separate office connection. The client's technical specialists only have to support local users and internal resources.

In the framework of the collaboration with developers and management companies, Mastertel provides site unification services as a single information network based on particularly favorable conditions.

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