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Provision of customized numbers for sales departments

Want to boost sales? Easy! We know that, first of all, it is necessary to attract the clients attention. Catchy and easy-to-remember telephone numbers suit this purpose very well. Catchy telephone numbers are particularly important in initial sales stages, when the client base must be formed in a relatively short space of time. Purchasing a telephone phone number just for two or three months of active sales is not feasible. The value of this telephone number to the client will later fall uncontrollably.

Mastertel provides customized telephone numbers specially designed for sales departments. In our database we have thousands of catchy phone numbers suitable for various conditions. For our client management companies we provided customized telephone numbers at very favourable conditions. This means that the Company may obtain such a number for permanent use at a favourable price or even simply rent it for those several months when they need to provide client flow.

By choosing a customized phone number at Mastertel, the management company raises the effectiveness of its sales department without the need for additional investment.

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