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Design, construction and maintenance of internal communications systems of buildings

In such an over-regulated industry as building, commercial property developers must pay a lot of attention not only to issues regarding the building itself, but to the matter of documentation, drawing up plans and obtaining official approval for them, obtaining permissions etc. In fact all building development begins and ends with paper work. The developer must submit preliminary internal systems plans (called the P stage and must include connection systems) as early as the plans assessment stage. Throughout the building process stages, detailed working plans (called the R stage) are submitted and approved. Preparation and authentication of all necessary paperwork can take several months.

Our experience in designing and obtaining project paperwork approval enables our clients to significantly reduce application approval time. At the same time Mastertel provides a full range of internal communications, cable systems and connection node building work. Within the scope of collaboration with developers, we perform a large portion of work at our own expense. We also install and maintain operational equipment at our own expense. Passive elements of the project, including cables, cable trays, telecommunications cabinets and others may be established at Mastertels or the client's expense if so desired.

An important advantage which puts us ahead of other building organizations (who can only lay internal communications on a contract basis) is our specialization. The builders responsibility usually ends when the building has been put into operation. At Mastertel, however, we continue to service and maintain the building's systems well into the future. We have no interest in artificially increasing building and set-up budgets of systems that we build at our own expense! Our income comes from maintaining connection services rather than building contracts.

Therefore, by choosing Mastertel, the developer solves the whole problem of planning, building and internal connection systems paperwork and significantly eliminates the expense of hiring outside contractors. Of no less importance is the fact that the networks building work is performed by the Provider himself. This is reflected in the high degree of service quality. Ultimately, networks are laid down for the provision of services, not just for today's tenants, but also for those in the future.

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Design, construction and maintenance of internal communication systems of buildings

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