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Providing temporary connections at construction sites

The building site is a complete 'division' of a company and has its own particular needs. Like any modern office, the building site and people working on it (architects, builders, technical contractors etc) need high quality connection, telephone lines, high speed internet access, etc. But the absence of ready-to-use communications forces them to use short cuts, like the use of satellite connection, as well as wireless and mobile networks. Despite the principal differences in technologies and their applications, all of these options usually have at least two key disadvantages: high cost, low connection speed, technical limitations. Thus by choosing a type of connection, a company has to compromise, and it doesnt always work out the best way. Mastertel offers developers a way to avoid non-effective building sites network connection. A high-speed carrying capacity, reliability, intelligent pricing have all made the cable connection standard for office use.

Mastertel offers cable connection services based on its own high-speed fibre-optic network. This allows the company (even already at the building stage) to provide the client with all services, including video-surveillance and streamline video for videoconferencing. As a temporarily solution, radio-technology connections can also be offered. After a cable connection, we will perform reconnection of all services to the high-speed connection channel.

The connection service provision of building sites is provided to developers under very favorable conditions. Also, within the framework of setting up a buildings connection services, the said provision may be carried out at initially Mastertels expense. In this way the client receives the highest quality connection with the least expenses.

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Providing temporary connections at construction sites

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