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Video surveillance of building sites

Effective building and construction requires not only stable financing, intelligent and long-term planning, but also the developer's personal control. Not every manager, however, is able to make daily trips to the building site. Building site video surveillance does away with the need to make such regular trips and, at the same time, provides a 'presence' effect at the building site at any time during the working day and even at night.

In order to provide this service, Mastertel lays a high-speed data transmission channel at the site and mounts the required number of high definition CCTV cameras. These are built to withstand dust, moisture and the adverse effects of temperature. Additional cameras may be mounted if required at each building stage. The client only needs to have a PC with Internet connection. Using the standard browser with the login and password supplied, the client may connect to the server and view on screen what is happening at the site at that particular moment.

Information transmitted from the cameras may be used for the purpose of controlling the building stages or even as reports to clients, investors and other interested parties. On-line video surveillance may also be used for the purposes of providing security.

The service is free of charge and is provided to the client upon the signing of the building site's telecommunications services agreement.

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