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To commercial property consultants

We work in the same market and with the same clients as commercial property consultants, so we see them as our partners. Mastertel earns money from telecommunications services. Consultants earn theirs from lease transactions and the sale of sites, which our clients occupy.

Mutual favorable partnership means, first and foremost, information collaboration. Consultants have information on business-centers and shopping complexes currently being built and have contacts and links to the building site owners. Concurrently, Mastertel which provides tenant connection services, knows well in advance of any up-coming relocations. This is because the task of transferring (relocating) the whole network infrastructure and connection services arises for tenants at very early stage in the relocation plan. Mastertel also has an impressive database of commercial property and has working contacts with many developers and building owners. So working in one direction, companies may enlarge their clients' database by means of another partner.

Along with its partners, Mastertel regularly organizes events for commercial property market participants. These events strive to find new directions for collaboration, to strengthen company image and to raise client loyalty. As for the commercial side of the collaboration, we will financially reward any assistance in the connection of properties/sites to Mastertel's network.

A partner may be certain of Mastertel's reliability and great reputation in the market. The Company possesses the resources for connection at operating and soon- to-be operating buildings in short lead time as well as the provision of high quality connection at large commercial sites.

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To commercial property consultants

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