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Servicing of local networks and computer technics

Small companies have to solve the same division servicing tasks as large ones. But due to limited budgets, they may not always have the necessary professionals among their staff. To serve local networks and the computer technic of its clients, Mastertel offers the services of its own highly qualified specialists.

Two variations of collaboration are possible. The first one is 'one-off' visits, when servicing is done on the client's request (usually to re-tune equipment or to rectify failures). The second one is a permanent contract, which includes remote support, routine check-ups and planned servicing as well as the renewal of services, anti-virus maintenance, etc.

The key advantage of signed services is that the provider solves the connection service problem to the complex, independent of where the trouble appeared (local network or provider's connection channel). With this approach it is not possible to hold the other side responsible for failures. The contractor is fully and solely responsible for the connection. So it is in the executor's interests to carry out the work fast and at a high quality standard. As a result the client gets a reliable office connection.

Finally, just to mention one financial side of the matter, which is no less important. A network service provision contract costs less than maintaining a system administrator as a staff member. At the same time, the workload of ones own employee may not always be constant, which means part of the investment will be wasted.

Unlike a system administrator hired on a contract basis, Mastertel's specialists have guaranteed high qualifications and impressive work experience with connection networks and equipment usage.

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Servicing of local networks and computer technics

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