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Packages of telecommunications services

When speaking about telecommunications services used by medium companies, we think of their owners usually imagining what services they need, rather than the actual volume of services. Not having an experienced system administrator among their staff and also not running relevant statistics, it is hard for them to forecast how much 'traffic' an office would generate, how many telephone minutes will take place, or even the possibility that they would need specialists' help in equipment tuning. In addition, for the small business company, the cost of services is also critical. Understanding the needs of its clients, Mastertel offers well balanced telecommunications packages (from expenses, quality and quantity points of view).

Telecommunications services packages from Mastertel are a response to one of the most important requirements of medium companies – simplicity in receiving services. The client doesn't need to get deep into the technological aspects and operations specialities of their equipment. The Company pays the money and gets the connection!

These packages are also favorable from a financial point of view. As well as optimum tariffs for the leasing of digital and analogue connection lines, the savings are achieved by reducing the total cost of ownership of the network infrastructure (TCO). A free-phone computer support hot line is also provided. In addition, remote servicing of computers and servers, routers, commutators and other equipment is provided. All of this allows one to avoid employing a full time systems administrator. Depending on the needs of its business, the client chooses the most suitable service configuration. At the same time, all tariff plans have unlimited telephone and internet traffic volume. This eradicates the need for unplanned spendings for connections and enables the Company to plan and budget precisely. This is a particularly important factor for small companies.

One key advantage of this offer is in its significant reduction in telecommunications services complex costs while, at the same time, maintaining its high quality, provided by the technological abilities of its large service provider.

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Packages of telecommunications services

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