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Leasing of Dark Fiber

The business of Service Providers depends directly on the quality of services they offer. At the same time, good quality is unachievable without a reliable telecommunications network of the actual Provider. When entering the market or expanding business, the main difficulties and capital expenses arise during the building of the network. Mastertel offers expansion of a service providers own network with the assistance of Master-Connects technical abilities.

We offer Service Providers the rental of fiber optic lines in already functioning networks with high coverage density across Moscow, its suburbs, and St. Petersburg. The Service Provider may also purchase a portion of the cable for ones own use. This solution enables them to reduce the up-front payment for building work, which would be a heavy burden on Service Providers budgets. Also, the time needed to reach the launch of a new network is significantly reduced. If the building of ones own network takes several months (or even years) to achieve, one should note that the selection of a suitable site, the negotiation of a contract condition and the handover of the fiber optic to the Provider take a matter of weeks. Prompt entrance to the market enables the client gain a serious competitive advantage by the timely offering of services.

One more advantage of the solution is the reduction in network maintenance expenses. Regular maintenance work as well as the restoration of network service operation (in cases of failure) remains Mastertels responsibility.

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