Mastertel is one of the largest telecommunications providers in Moscow and St. Petersburg with more than 10 years of experience. The company performs a full range of works from the construction of communication channels to the provision of communication services of the latest generation.

Our goal is to provide reliable communications in all the commercial buildings of the two capitals.

We believe that the client not only signs an agreement with us on providing communication services, but trusts us with the most important component of his business. That's why a company of any size and profile will find a solution for our telecommunication tasks.

The unique Master-Connect, network, based on fiber-optic lines, covers more than 2,000 buildings in Moscow and its closest suburbs. Hundreds of telecom operators use Master-Connect as the backbone for building their own networks.

By connecting to the Master-Connect network, the client may buy or lease part of the optical cable from their building to any point in Moscow or suburbs. Currently the maximum length between any office in the city and the Master Connect network is 350 meters.

Mastertel aims not only to develop the country's technological potential, but also to preserve its cultural heritage, transferring accumulated knowledge to new generations. One of Mastertel’s initiatives is the History of the Telephone Museum, which has amassed the largest collection of rare telephone sets and accessories in Europe. The St. Petersburg Museum organizes themed exhibitions, master classes and lectures for schoolchildren and students. With Mastertel’s support, MIT regularly conducts charitable events for socially vulnerable groups of the population. With the active assistance of Mastertel, 2017 will see the opening of the Moscow building of the History of the Telephone Museum.



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Mastertel has a unique fiber-optic network called Master-Connect. The Company's customers are given the opportunity to use its technological potential. The network is built on high-quality optical fiber. Master-Connect covers the entire territory of Moscow and its suburbs. The total length of the network is more than 8,000 km.

More than 8000 kilometers total network length
No more than 350 meters to the nearest network access point