The fifth issue of ‘Digital Ocean’, one of the main Russian media publications about digital transformation, was released.

The creative team at Digital Ocean, headed by editor Sergei Apresov, develops a unique themed cover for each new issue of the magazine. The fifth issue was no exception.

Do you remember school tracing paper? The thin transparent material and its quiet pleasant rustling. In the fifth issue everything is transparent, too: the main matte page of issue #5 shines through the bright glossy details. The cover is full of notes, formulas, facts and teasers about the main theme of the issue - DNA technology and its amazing possibilities.

In addition, there are many other interesting and informative things in the issue: big data, advances in neural networks, start-ups where science and technology meet, and a new digital language.

Download the issues of the magazine in pdf format and subscribe to Digital Ocean magazine here.

On 1st June, Digital Ocean launches an online portal about the digital transformation of life. Watch the countdown at  Digitalocean.