The fourth issue of ‘Digital Ocean’ is available by subscription

Have you ever heard of Rostec's exoskeleton? Now you can see and read about it in the new, fourth issue of Digital Ocean.

Topic #4: perfect, controllable and yet very popular virtual stars. Read more about what the future holds for the model and influencer market here.

Also, our editorial team figured out how to make your body work better without surgery. It turns out that everything is easy to keep under control: just install sensors and continuously monitor the condition of vital organs. The devices themselves will tell you when you need to ‘tweak the settings’ and ‘call for service’.

Topic #3: Techno-bloggers - people who experience the dubious achievements of progress for the benefit of the public. Find out what people of the future will have to do to earn the fame of an advanced cyborg? What a typical morning of a techno-blogger, or rather a neuroscientist, will look like in half a century from now. 

The ‘digital shopping’ phenomenon will also fuel interest - all the current trends to increase the recognition of corporations in the new issue of the main publication about the digital transformation of society.