For the office

Today, no company can survive without modern communications. It is also difficult to imagine an office without Internet access. Without communications, no organization that requires corporate e-mail, communication between branches, contact with suppliers and partners can exist. Modern communications should be high-speed and reliable. Successful business requires this.

Mastertel provides high-speed Internet access for companies, government agencies, business centers, etc. Our approach is exclusive. To connect subscribers to the Internet, fiber-optic channels with a wide bandwidth are used. They have a connection speed of up to 10 Gbit/s and there is bandwidth reserve. Connection is carried out in the shortest time possible. Do you have a new office? This is not a problem! It is possible to connect subscribers in newly built buildings. Mastertel's specialists assist in setting up the customer's equipment. The client is provided with a complete, ready-to-use solution. There are flexible tariffs and the availability of reserve channels.

Mastertel can offer on-site maintenance of an office because call-outs can be a waste of time. If so desired, Mastertel will open a local office on site. The engineer on duty will promptly react to any arising situations.

Internet from Mastertel to your office results in you saving time and resources. There will be an absence of downtime, the communications and service offered are top quality and Mastertel is also willing to connect your stand-alone systems: a block of IP-addresses is assigned to the client company and does not depend on the provider that gives the connection.

The customer can buy or rent part of the network (dark optics) for their own needs. Thus, you can get a reliable and high-quality communications channel to your office. When connecting office centers, the owner gets the opportunity to connect to the building of any provider, while retaining control over their activities.

Mastertel's technological solutions are distinguished not only by the broad bandwidth of channels with capacity reserve, but also by their high level of safety. This ensures the reliability of the communications bridge and the stable operation of the network infrastructure of customers. We offer our clients solutions aimed at developing and improving business performance and we can meet the most complex of requests. For Mastertel, non-standard communications services are the norm, so we strive to implement such solutions so that they are worthy of repetition. Working with us, you will earn more! Thanks to the high quality of our service.